Data Recovery Services From SSD Memory

SSD memories are data storage devices under NAND technology that use Flash or SDRAM memories to store data.

SSD memories are used in vehicles, laptops, tablets and mobile phones for their advantages such as, for example, adaptability and compatibility, greater performance and resistance, less sensitivity to shocks, greater speed and lightness, less battery consumption…

However, , these SSD memories are vulnerable, since they start to have Facebook data loss after a week without electricity.

At high temperatures and with the PC turned off, the NAND memory cells lose the data they contain in less than a week. Although it is possible to recover from them, the best option is prevention. How, you may ask. 

The key is not to leave the laptop, tablet or computer with SSD exposed to the sun, nor to high temperatures since each SSD cell is reduced by half for each increase of 5ºC. 

At 35 degrees and without electricity, the data is erased in a few days. In addition, SSDs reduce their performance in 2 years losing capacity and data.

If a decrease in performance and loss of data is observed, in no case should the disk be rewritten, since it will be even more difficult to recover the content.

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