How To Data Recovery Services From External Hard Drives

Brief information for our data recovery services customers & partners. We can now also rescue WD (Western Digital) hard drives that were written to via the external housing with hardware encryption. Even if the hard drive housing is defective or no longer available, your data can be saved!

This problem with the data rescue from encrypted external WD hard drives (in external housing) occurs more and more often as a rescue request. Many users of these widespread WD disk types do not even know that their data is apparently almost always written encrypted on their hard disk, or that the in-house WD encryption is also active (and the data can only be recovered with a functioning housing) when you does not actively set a password itself.

Means whether you like it or not: the data is apparently “almost” always stored encrypted with these types of hard disks! “Almost” because WD also offers these case types with inactive encryption as an alternative (however, this is only indicated with a small footnote on the website), but so far we have only received encrypted models for data recovery services. But we can now also save your Twitter data if the housing is defective or no longer available! If a password has been set by the user, this must of course exist for a successful data recovery! Unfortunately, the AES encryption cannot be bypassed by us either.

As a little insight into the everyday life of the data rescuer, a photo of a hard drive that was delivered to us just today after a fall. We can save a lot of hard drives that have fallen down with head crashes and the like – in this case, unfortunately, we are powerless. The hard drive had two magnetic disks – after opening the case, it turned out, unfortunately, that the lower hard drive was completely shattered into fragments. Unfortunately, this makes data recovery impossible.

Data Recovery Services

The importance of data recovery services :

Storage devices play an important role in everyone’s life. All important information is processed and stored on these media. However, data storage is prone to failure, and when a failure occurs, the drive must be repaired by experts.

Storage devices such as internal and external hard drives, flash drives, RAID arrays, and memory cards fail time and time again due to human error, power surges, water damage, or fire. These storage systems are not bulletproof, and there is no guarantee they will last forever. However, in today’s world, it is important to keep an eye on the healthy performance of the drive to avoid data loss.

However, when a device fails, requiring excellent tools and state-of-the-art recovery labs, a professional data recovery services company is required.

PITS data recovery service offers a comprehensive range of recovery solutions for failed hard drives , servers , RAIDs and other storage devices. Our engineers perform the data recovery process in an ISO certified class 10 clean room using the latest technologies, achieving incredible results.

With years of experience in the data recovery field, we are proud to achieve a 99% success rate . Our team has thousands of successful cases and your case will be no exception. Our customer service will collect all the necessary information about your case and will be happy to answer all your questions.

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