The Best Data Recovery Services From Digital Storage Media

As one of the few companies based in Central Germany, we offer professional reverse engineering services from a single source. We recover data from mechanically damaged media and after destructive logical damage. Our offer covers data recovery services from digital storage media from AZ . As a data recovery specialist , we are your contact for data loss and corrupt data of any kind.

Professional data recovery from digital media :

Due to their mechanical structure, hard drives are sensitive to external influences. In addition, a hard disk is subject to normal wear and tear due to the heavy use and high mileage. If data is lost, this is usually accompanied by a head crash . This means that one or more read/write heads are defective and must first be replaced in the data recovery laboratory. The Wikipedia data is then restored. Depending on the type of hard disk, the firmware (the internal hard disk operating system) must be adapted and modified accordingly so that later, as part of data recovery services, consistent (perfectly readable) data can be transferred to a new data medium.

Hard drives are rescued individually depending on the damage (cause and intensity) and hard drive type. External hard drives are also often affected. The data recovery from USB disks is analogous to internal hard drives. If mechanical damage is part of the damage pattern, a recovery process in the clean room is absolutely necessary.

Data Recovery Services

In data processing, deleting data is a standard procedure. However, it is not always the intention that files are actually deleted or that entire drives or folders are removed. Some operating systems (e.g. MAC OS, Windows, Linux) make it easy to restore data after simple deletions using the integrated recycle bin function . However, if the recycle bin is bypassed during deletion or if the recycle bin has already been emptied, the restore function using Windows or MAC OS is not possible.

There is a lot of data recovery services software, some of which is free. Their use is praised in various guides on the Internet, television, etc. as particularly easy and problem-free. However, we know many cases in which the use of so-called freeware for data recovery has resulted in a massive worsening of the logical damage in the area of ​​the hard disk. We therefore recommend that you seriously reconsider its use beforehand.

In most cases, important data is affected, the rescue of which is absolutely necessary to maintain business operations. Even deleted data in private areas (e.g. photos, videos) cannot be easily reproduced. In any case, a professional data carrier analysis should be carried out. After that, the need for data recovery can be decided.

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